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BlueOnyx microcurrent facial rejuvenation
Full Face & Neck Treatment - $120-
(Includes: cleanse with steam, exfoliation, anti-aging serum)  
Series discount available

Jowls area, Nasolabial Folds or Eye area - $45-
(includes: simple cleanse only)
As we adopt healthy choices by adding exercise to our daily activities, we need to be mindful of the 32
individual muscles in our face. Instead of injecting toxins and chemicals, ask yourself WHY NOT exercise
those muscles naturally. BlueOnyx treatment is completely natural, safe and non-invasive, and allows your
facial muscles to tone, rejuvenate, heal and rebuild themselves.
This non-invasive multi-modality device stimulates the body’s own
healing mechanisms. It promotes homeostasis through
rebalancing of ionic transport in the layers of the skin and
provides both short- and long-term benefits without inflammation.

It is a form of massage using very low levels of electrical current
that triggers the body’s natural cellular repair mechanism.  Used
as an anti-aging tool, it can diminish the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles by toning and rejuvenating the facial muscles.  This
process also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
Treatments can be done monthly but best results are obtained by re-educating facial muscle weekly for 8-10
sessions, continuing with muscle memorization every 10 days for 4 sessions and maintenance thereafter.  It
is important to remember that your results will be based on your individual needs and desires.

Ages 20-35:  Once a month
Ages 35-55:  Once a week for two months; followed by once every 21 days for maintenance
Ages 55+:     Once a week for three months; followed by once every 10 days for maintenance
There are some contraindication to receive this treatments.

Had cosmetic injections within 30 days.  
Have a history of seizures.  
Currently have a pacemaker, etc..
Any medical condition, please ask an advice from your doctors.